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7 Things Not to Put on Your Resume or CV

(Or how to date yourself as being from another era.)


1.     Social security number – It’s surprising, but people still do it. Don’t give out that information until there is a job offer on the table and HR is putting you in their system.

2.     Height/Weight – Unless it is directly related to the job requirements, it is irrelevant and it dates you.
3.     Marital status/Children – Irrelevant and also dates you, as it is now illegal for an employer to even ask.
4.     References – If needed, they will ask.
5.     References available on request – Obviously, so why say it?
6.     An unprofessional email address – While you might think is cute, it’s not – change it to something logical & professional for your job search.
7.     An email address at your current employer – Do it and you look naïve, unprofessional or both.
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