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Would you like to better publicize your organization?



Does your organization currently offer your members any promotional apparel items supporting the organization or an upcoming conference?


Many organizations have previously done so only to find it a hassle to maintain the needed inventory and even more trouble and expense to ship items back and forth to meetings.


What if there was a stress-free way to promote your organization, let your members show their pride & make money for your group
with no cost, no inventory no paperwork?


Osteopathic Medical Marketing [OMM] International has just the solution for you. We sell high quality, name brand merchandise your members will be proud to wear, carry or display in their offices - names such as Nike, Calvin Klein, Bosca and Successories. And - We will ship items directly to your members.


How does it work?

We offer our participating organizations a 50% commission on the profits made from your group's sales. We keep the math simple, if an item is listed at $30 and costs $23 to manufacture & deliver, the profit is $7 and the commission is $3.50.
How do I participate?

Give us a call at 412-600-9042 to get started. We will need a copy of your organization's logo or conference specific clipart along with your permission to use it. You will have the opportunity to electronically prescreen items before they are ready for sale if you wish. You will have a dedicated webpage on our site for items to support your organization.


How do I maximize revenue for my organization?

We ask that you place your OMM group-specific link on your homepage and on your conference registration pages. Feel free to utilize emails, conference brochures, live announcements, etc. to publicize this member benefit. You may also choose to encourage members to buy their conference-specific gear ahead of time if you are having a fun run or golf outing at your next meeting.
Is there anything else I need to do?
No, OMM International takes care of bringing your members the very best in promotional merchandise, as well as an easy to use website. We handle keeping a fresh selection of items, all the paperwork, logo set-up expenses, maintaining your product webpage, easy payment systems, shipping and handling.


When can we expect a check?
You will receive an itemized list of items purchased from your webpage along with your commission check. We aim to be transparent with our groups. Commissions will be paid quarterly.
Will a commission jeopardize the tax-exempt status of my nonprofit organization? 
No, but the income may be subject to tax at corporate rates as unrelated trade or taxable income. See IRS Publication 598 for complete details. As always consult with your accountant or call the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Service at 1-877-777-4778.
Because OMM is in the marketing & advertising business, we are able to get far deeper discounts on customized products than organizations could possibly find on their own. Because we are an organization with a mission to help grow our profession's organizations and add to their members' experience, we won't charge retail. We do our best to find you the very best deal to meet your needs, at the best price, when you need it. We can assist you with logo-ed UBS drives, tablecloths, banners, standup banners, exhibit booths, tents for golf outings, etc. If there is a promotional product you can think of, we can get it for you. Please give us a call at 412-600-9042.  
About Us
Osteopathic Medical Marketing [OMM] International is a company formed to promote osteopathic physicians, specialty colleges, state medical societies and the osteopathic medical profession at large through promotional products and advisory services. The company was founded by an osteopathic family looking to help osteopathic students, residents and physicians raise the profile of the profession and its institutions, believing that it is better to light one candle than curse the darkness.

OMM International is geared to helping you show your osteopathic pride. We actively support our specialty and state society partners by paying a commission on the proceeds of specialty and state society products purchased by their members.


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